Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am going to end the year by starting over. This summer was quite the challenge, dry weather , heat , heat, dry weather. We had good production as we had enough rain when we needed it.
It brought the end of a sheep production career. My daughter received her FFA degree and finished her FFA career , gladly exiting the sheep industry. ya!. My son received a really good scholarship. from the Ag world. I am learning how to agvocate instead of aggravate. That means relate Ag to non Ag people. or tell people about where their food comes from.
We are healthy and Blessed.
We are involved with helping to start a mission church and surrounded by a few really great people to work together on it. Wilmington Lutheran Mission Church a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church or LCMS. It is hard to leave your home church for 22 years and begin a new. but that is what God demands we do. The great thing is  I am reminded of God's sense of humor when I am a secretary of the congregation., I really just pay attention and sign stuff!. A lot of cool stuff has been happening!
My wife is planning her retirement from nursing, And thinking up ways for me to stay busier!
I have a couple good fellows to help on the farm Brock Allen aka Barrack he is stepping up and learning and Butch Walters mower man extraordinaire  and nephew Dave is there to help too, A welder by trade he fixes stuff the pigs and I break, He can fabricate just about anything, even fish stories. call if you need him. I hope you read this Dave, he still calls me Uncle Squeal! His Dad, Ed my only brother 17 years my senior and I finally got to do some fishing together this year and they both hunted deer with us.  I have a lot of good family I could write a book about. I will get to them later this year.
I am struggling with becoming a bacon farmer instead of being a pork producer. Sometimes hard to swallow.We are told that peolpe will be able to relate to us better.
Times change and we must too.
There are a lot of challenges in Farming like this social media bs. But like everything else I am up to it.
I hope you check it out his year maybe kick me a little when I get behind as I agvocate for my career in Agriculture.
That means growing food for my family and yours.
A Merry Christmas and a Blessed  New Year to you and yours.
Neil Rhonemus