Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to colder weather, stuck working in the farm office. Being a Farmer of any kind requires that you do many chores and many skills sometimes we need to hire professionals to do a better job. Bookkeeping is one of those skills we need to hire. We must still do a lot ourselves. A smaller producer cant afford some of these, so we do what we can and leave the rest to the pros.
Bookkeeping and paying bills and keeping order of the expenses so you know where you lost money and made money and also who earned their pay.
Today we have a lot of so called pros that we hire like to advise us about allot of issues.
Some want us to relate to you like growing food is just another job as far as consumers are concerned . So we are not special and it s no big deal. Then others claim Ag to be a high tech analytical profession. Which it can be. We have two sides of a coin here.Am I a Bacon Farmer or a Pork Entrepreneur!
 I like Land and Commodity Investor specializing in Protein Production.
Anyway all you need to know we are all different and we must care for our animals to help them produce so we can pay our bills and raise our families.It is basic.But we have outside influences that see fit to complicate matters.
Hungry people don't  care how it is done they only want, and need our products. As demand grows for our food as populations grow they will buy it,which will make it cost more to you.
I hope I am getting my point across to you.
No college here, friend just doing my best.
On my own. I cant hire everything done like having a  PR firm.  LOL as they say.
A Bacon Farmer Today

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lot of weather challenges with cold , snow and now a warm up. We need the rain still our pond is down over half , this is  important because I use the water for the pigs to drink.It is chlorinated, on site and tested by an EPA certified lab and is safe to drink for human consumption, it is also very soft We shower in it as well. Shower you say? Yes it is part of our bio-security program to keep out herd healthy.Part of the bio-security is due to the fact we are a production nucleus multiplier herd. Which means we grow our female pigs to be new mother pigs in other herds all over the country and now world. It is important because our females will be the foundation of the herd of our customers.We are part of a family owned and operated farm where we and other farmers raise pigs for  another family's farm, we get paid for doing so. Therefore we don't own the pigs.But in every way we treat them as if they were our own.
We take pride in raising them and sending them to their new homes. As well as if they aren't needed for replacements females we take pride in the wholesome food products they produce, for your table.
That makes being a Bacon Farmer Fun to be!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Busy couple of weeks, Bringing in new babies pigs ,sending future new mamma's to new homes and sending market hogs to market. Busy life of a Bacon Farmer. (That what we call ourselves now instead of Pork Producers) Anyway my son and daughter have been home since before Christmas from college so I have had them help some. Even though they wont be involved in the bacon business it fun to work together for a short time. Soon we will be back to our routines , but it is enjoyable  for now. Cold weather brings challenges we have forgotten about over the last two years , it could be colder too. Fixing heaters and ventilation and little things that can happen, these you learn as you go no one writes a manual for this stuff.So training a new person to be able to handle things like this is a new challenge, letting go so you can get away is a challenge as well,after all you think you are irreplaceable but mostly you are,in matters of business and such.
My wife is retiring and I owe her some time. so I am training a young man to do more of my daily chores. So I can be away some. Also there is that bucket list of my own.
The next weeks will bring business and office work yuck! Power washing is more fun! (washing the barns out between groups)
RhonFarm LLC will be up and running and some changes will be made but mostly the same stuff will go on, maybe that new barn roof my wife keeps on me about...more to come on that one.......history and the future.. should be interesting , as well as how we provide expert animal care and provide you with food and Bacon!!!!!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.