Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lot of weather challenges with cold , snow and now a warm up. We need the rain still our pond is down over half , this is  important because I use the water for the pigs to drink.It is chlorinated, on site and tested by an EPA certified lab and is safe to drink for human consumption, it is also very soft We shower in it as well. Shower you say? Yes it is part of our bio-security program to keep out herd healthy.Part of the bio-security is due to the fact we are a production nucleus multiplier herd. Which means we grow our female pigs to be new mother pigs in other herds all over the country and now world. It is important because our females will be the foundation of the herd of our customers.We are part of a family owned and operated farm where we and other farmers raise pigs for  another family's farm, we get paid for doing so. Therefore we don't own the pigs.But in every way we treat them as if they were our own.
We take pride in raising them and sending them to their new homes. As well as if they aren't needed for replacements females we take pride in the wholesome food products they produce, for your table.
That makes being a Bacon Farmer Fun to be!

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