Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a beautiful day 75 degrees supposed to hit 80. We really need it to be warm, Ohio is 2% planted Iowa, Indiana as is Illinois may be under that, Minnesota still has snow on the ground, we are wet. It is not late yet for us, seems people think it is but I feel they have been conditioned by Universities and companies that way.
No matter what technology , science of equipment manufactures come up with it still takes common sense and the good Lord to make a crop.
Through skill and instinct I will say a farmer still needs his senses and experience to know what to do.
The smell of the soil, the air and taste, yes I said taste.You know when it is right you also know when it isn't.
Sometimes you just do it even though you know it is not, you might push that planting window a little just because. You can tell and animal that isn't feeling well sometimes by the way they hold their head , ears or the brightness in the eyes.
Anyway some will say thats nuts. I don't care.
There comes a time when things start making sense and you look at yourself and others  differently. Not that you judge them just laugh inside a little bit.Your elders made sense after all.
Don't worry about the nations crops they will get done. You will have Bacon.
Thanks for reading .

Bacon Farmer