Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to colder weather, stuck working in the farm office. Being a Farmer of any kind requires that you do many chores and many skills sometimes we need to hire professionals to do a better job. Bookkeeping is one of those skills we need to hire. We must still do a lot ourselves. A smaller producer cant afford some of these, so we do what we can and leave the rest to the pros.
Bookkeeping and paying bills and keeping order of the expenses so you know where you lost money and made money and also who earned their pay.
Today we have a lot of so called pros that we hire like to advise us about allot of issues.
Some want us to relate to you like growing food is just another job as far as consumers are concerned . So we are not special and it s no big deal. Then others claim Ag to be a high tech analytical profession. Which it can be. We have two sides of a coin here.Am I a Bacon Farmer or a Pork Entrepreneur!
 I like Land and Commodity Investor specializing in Protein Production.
Anyway all you need to know we are all different and we must care for our animals to help them produce so we can pay our bills and raise our families.It is basic.But we have outside influences that see fit to complicate matters.
Hungry people don't  care how it is done they only want, and need our products. As demand grows for our food as populations grow they will buy it,which will make it cost more to you.
I hope I am getting my point across to you.
No college here, friend just doing my best.
On my own. I cant hire everything done like having a  PR firm.  LOL as they say.
A Bacon Farmer Today

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