Friday, February 22, 2013

Thanks for the views I am sorry for not updating it sooner , since people are reading this I will do better.
I celebrate my 52nd Birthday today. I am calling it 26th.
No big deal really.
Just another day, however I have reflected somewhat.
Minor ice storm hit so we held off new baby pigs arriving. Madonna had a 4 hour delay, so it was safer that way. Good choice as roads cleared by 10 am.
This was our second group for this new turn. Still cleaning up two rooms. 500 head rooms.
They will be cleaner than a lot of peoples homes when the pigs arrive.

All on order to keep pigs healthy and promote food safety.
Keeping the crews goals on track of doing  an  expert job at cleanliness.
It can be hard setting a good example and making sure it is followed.
Training a new manager to take my place so I can do some traveling and not worry about things and keep them running smooth.
Is the biggest challenge so far.

I am continually amazed at the chatter about limiting our choices of production of food and doing things to make food production more expensive.
I will ponder this and write later.

I plan to celebrate with dinner tonight and have surf and turf at a near by lodge very good grilled steak and grilled shrimp.
Our own beef arrives soon from the processor. Many times we have a meal completely raised on our farm.
A matter of pride mainly you must realize that most people either couldn't or would be able to do that.
So it is unimaginable that some would limit our choice to bring wholesome safe , abundant food to your table.
While many are still hungry even in the US and your county.
More later.

Thanks for reading .

Bacon Farmer