Monday, March 11, 2013

Family weekend.
Traveled to Michigan visited families in Northern Ohio and last stop my Children in college.
Saw an awesome play "Alice in Wonder".
Yeah it was different. yet well done,
My son amazes me each time I see him preform. I won't go into detail. He was great as King of hearts,
But His sister and him together were equally cool as Tweedledee  and Tweedledum, I see a resemblance between the play and real life shenanigans at home! They both played multiple characters.
My daughter had her first part since 6 th grad very good.
But her main job was to manage the building and operation of the set.
I hope I am accurate on this.You know Dad's
Anyway what does this have to do with food?
The girl was asked how she got the squares to look so good, she said well I remember Dad having a chalk-line "a tool used to make straight line to build and cut construction."
Well Dad ain't no carpenter but on the farm we have to build things and fix stuff and kids play on the farm and it looks like they pay attention!
So Food and Farm is all about family so this weekend was a Family weekend.
That's  who grows your food . We are just like you big and small Farmers we do things together even though maybe sometimes not enough together time.
The interests of the next generation don't always follow the previous generation, but they gain a lot of knowledge growing up on the Farm.!
I am sure my son's and daughters  acting / teaching  careers will use some more skills I don't even know about yet.
Our best products we grow on our Farms are our Kids.

Next Time I will write about Family Farms and size.

Until Then Happy Family!
Bacon Farmer

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