Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March weather is still a lion, meaning still fierce I guess we will skip the lamb part or gentile. 
The farm has been busy Bacon Barn # 1 is full now so I get to slack off a little. Time change sure messed with my head. We will suck it up and go on, however it would be nice for a warn stretch.
Farm size. doesn't mean a lot, as far as still being a family farm. remember it is said 98% of farms are family owned.
We can argue all day about size and all.But Seems a 1000 acres is a good amount for a person with some decent equipment to manage. 
I am not even going to talk income or revenue, lets just assume they are good enough manager to pay debt and have income to live on.
A person has children that want to join the operation you got to add acres or enterprises to produce more income.
We have a right to make a profit, we should never apologize for that. Never.
Now add 4 children then add 16 grandchildren. 
That's 21 partners not counting the spouses which may or may not be part of the operation. To potentially operate 21,000 acres supposing each has !,000 acres but working together still a family farm.
Granted this is an example that may not be duplicated a lot but I am sure it is a good example. 
Just another view on why size doesn't make it not a family farm.
Dynamics can vary this as well there may be a mix of family and non family employees also.
A family operation we work with has over 40 employees probably more by now.
Anyway I hope I have done my part to tell our story about size of farms.
This week is National Agriculture week also.
If you are reading this, I assume you care where you food comes from.
Thanks for being one of my 155 customers.
Bacon Farmer.

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  1. I had just about adjusted from the time change down under when Daylight Savings Time hit. Man isn't built for changing clocks around. I think we should leave the clock the same and change our habits instead, if necessary.

    Didn't realize you had started blogging. It's been 4 years now for me! That's how fast time flies without playing with the clock!